micro events sharing cupfuls of knowledge
Edible Selby
by Todd Selby
Faked Meat;’sapicu wings with dark chocolate’
by Marie Vogelzang
Edible Surfaces
Pinaki Studios & Chocolatl
3D printing
Unfold Studio
COS & AnOther Mag
N+S Dietry Supplements
By Enric Aquilera Asociados
Quote Vendor
By Alice Wang
MRI fruit and veg animation
by Andy Ellison
Gas Giant kite installation
by Jacob Hashimoto
'dalton' food containers
by la mamba for omelette-ed
Mobile Kitchen  by Anna Rosinke and Maciej Chmara
Digest to Understand
by Jacopo Sarzi
Signature T for T travel issue: based on the work of Jan Weenix, Johannes Vermeer and Jan van Eyck
by Mary Howard
Thank you card to Bill Murray
Gather magazine
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