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Butcher and Grill

Friday night is treat night for me. Dinner at a chosen restaurant after a busy week squinting at a screen and writing endless emails is exactly what I need to indulge my senses in something completely selfish. And that’s exactly what I got at Butcher and Grill, set in quaint Wimbledon village, South West London. As I arrived, a modern butcher-counter welcomed me to view the cuts of meat and seasonal produce. What an enticing introduction to the menu, which then offered to serve the very produce I eyed up on my way in. Although the restaurant interior was akin to a chain restaurant you see on the high street, the staff were friendly and there was enough space for you to feel your neighbours ears keeping to their own business.


I rewarded the 15-minute climb to the restaurant with the Highfields lamb burger chips and mint mayonnaise, accompanied by wilted spinach. A crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc kept me company until the dark wood chopping board arrived with its towering burger. Not wanting to fill up too quickly and leave little room to finish my greens, I set the majority of the bun aside and set about the ample bodied filling. The juicy lamb flavours were balanced with a whisper of fresh herbs and the mint mayonnaise did exactly what a mayo should do, offering a sharp caper and a sour gherkin to liven things up. I was disappointed with the over fried chips which lacked the fluffy texture a good chip should and the overly salted wilted spinach pointing me to several glasses of water. Too full for dessert, I decline deciding to carry on the mint theme with a mint tea which I sip as I debate which cut of meat to buy on my way out.

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