micro events sharing cupfuls of knowledge
Quote Vendor
By Alice Wang
MRI fruit and veg animation
by Andy Ellison
Gas Giant kite installation
by Jacob Hashimoto
'dalton' food containers
by la mamba for omelette-ed
Mobile Kitchen  by Anna Rosinke and Maciej Chmara
Digest to Understand
by Jacopo Sarzi
Signature T for T travel issue: based on the work of Jan Weenix, Johannes Vermeer and Jan van Eyck
by Mary Howard
Thank you card to Bill Murray
Gather magazine
Drawings with wire
by David Moreno
Lollipop Flavour’s
by Carl Kleiner
Didino: based on the story of her grandfather
by Manasteriotti Maric
A 20th Century Palette: Bauhaus, a simple selection of Bavarian cold meats and cheeses, rye bread and a touch of mustard. Post modernism openly embraced modern man made materials; Kraft cheese, pepperoni and white sliced bread. The saccharine sweet colour schemes of Art Deco were echoed with biscuits and cakes, the earthy tones and floral designs of Arts and Crafts suited a crunchy salad, and Neo Classicism called for the honourable mix of cheese and biscuits.
by Jamie Brown and Luke Kirwan
Daniel Hotel; Vienna and Graz
Svb­scrip­tion: a new ser­vice for men that deliv­ers lux­ury, curated prod­ucts and expe­ri­ences to your door
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