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Co Co
by Tatabi Studio
Gray Keys
by Carlo Vega
Windows of New York

by Jose Guizar
Here today, gone tomorrow
by Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
And then some…..
by Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
Better an ounce of luck than a pound of gold  
by Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
Voice and tone. Tone and voice. Tone of voice.

You hear a lot about brand voices and personalities in content conversations. A brand’s voice doesn’t change much. A brand’s tone, on the other hand? It has to change, depending on both the situation and the person at the other end of the content. Our tone of voice not only affects the user’s emotional state, but it should also be informed by the user’s emotional state—that means our tone is constantly changing…The right tone of voice can turn someone’s confusion into trust, skepticism into optimism, boredom into curiosity. The wrong tone of voice can turn someone’s interest into annoyance, anticipation into disappointment, frustration into full-on anger. That’s a big responsibility, and the best way we can handle that responsibility is to be empathetic writers. MailChimp.

Julie Lee
2013 Recipe Wall Calendar from Liz Carver Design
‘Homage To Calder’ by Carl and Evelina Kleiner
The Wool Parade by Doshi Levien for Kvadrat
’Kit du Voyage’ Calepino notebooks
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